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Shuly Briskin



Shuly  briskin

Born in Tel-Aviv,Israel

 Multi disciplinarian artist :

Specifies in photography*

Interested in various photography genres and themes:

  Abstract, decorative, textures, nature, people, views, materials, photographic story telling

Presents in singular and collective exhibitions in Israel and around the world (including curating and selling)  

An expert in performing arts and screen arts, owner and manager of "klaim", a private school of arts

Group facilitator in art integration (Ofir Warehouse, creative-women)

Director, choreographer and producer

Screen arts - a lecturer and a teacher

A poet – published a poetry book named "touched by longing", Gvanim pulishing, Tel-Aviv

 Unique qualities:

"Life seems to me like frame on a screen, or a scene in a play.

I'm creative, endowed in 'out of the box' thinking, believes in the good nature of people and specializes in producing substance from the nothing…

Married, a mother and a Grandmother…

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